Canning Season is Officially Open!

By mid-June, both the Kid and I are jittery. He’s excited about the end of the school year and I’m just as excited about the official beginning of canning season. Of course I can preserve all through the year, but June is when we start our annual fruit picking pilgrimages to gather pounds and pounds of fruit to freeze or preserve. Pure joy to us DIY folks. Joy!

At this time of year I start dreaming up my master list of preserves for the season. Sometimes I get to all of them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I come up with more ideas as I come across fresh produce. This is a sneak peak at some of the early season preserves I’m scheming:
-strawberry vanilla jam
-apricot cardamom butter
-raspberry lychee jam
-chocolate raspberry jam (!!)

As the summer grows into fall, I’ll be putting up peaches, a few chutneys and relishes and lovely things with pears and apples.

Will you find any of these goodies under the Christmas tree this year?

Oh! And not to be forgotten…strawberry vodka!


3 thoughts on “Canning Season is Officially Open!

  1. I sure hope I find some chocolate raspberry jam under the tree this Christmas! Apricot cardamom butter sounds awfully intriguing! You are a domestic goddess!

  2. I sure hope I find some chocolate raspberry jam under my tree this Christmas! And Apricot cardamom butter sounds intriguing. You are a domestic goddess. Nigella has nothing on you.

    • Ha! Kitchen wizard, perhaps. But have you seen the state of our house? Domestic would be the last word I’d use to describe me! Nigella has lots more, how should I put it, oomph, than me. 😉

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