Favourite Small Kitchen Tools Revisited

Resurrecting VanEats has been an interesting and fun process. It’s been a very reflective time and I’ve enjoyed seeing how much I’ve evolved into a “food enthusiast” from my early “foodie” days.

One of the interesting pieces I shared way back in 2003 was one on my favourite small kitchen tools. Surprisingly, these still are my favourite small tools! Especially after having a child and being overwhelmed by stuff, I don’t feel the need to have a drawer full of gadgets that at one time I found nifty. Good quality basics suit me just fine.

If I were to update my previous list of tools, I’d add only a few (although I realize they’re not truly considered “small”):

Digital kitchen scale: After a stint as a small batch cookie dough purveyor and from trial and error, I’ve learned that baking by weight is far more accurate than baking by volume and is now the norm. I can’t imagine not owning and using a kitchen scale. And it’s handy for weighing yarn for knitting projects.

Baking pans: I love professional half-sheet aluminum baking pans. They’re thick enough so they don’t warp at high heat and they don’t have a gimmicky non-stick surface that will rub off, scorch and inevitable get sticky.

Chantry: Originally designed by butchers in Sheffield, UK, the chantry houses two precisely angled blades that hone the cutting edge of a knife. This doesn’t replace getting knives professionally sharpened every few years but a swipe or two gives a good working edge without taking too much metal off the blade.

What are your favourite small kitchen tools and what important roles do they have in your kitchen?

1 thought on “Favourite Small Kitchen Tools Revisited

  1. I’d have to go with your previous list, knives, rasp, spatula, tongs and shears. Oh and our garlic press gets a workout as well. Cheers!

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